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The understanding of Calls of the Owner of Sky Shambala and Moria's Manu of the sixth race of
of humanity and the represenativs of the Planet Hierarhy gives us (earth human beings) duties
and responsibilities for organisation on our planet (Terra) a massive and fasterned human's
preparation for FIRE CHRISTENING and transformation into a New World.For the realization of this duty by our
group we created a web-site "LIFE WATER 2006", we are also having a Lecture on this problem
with an individual passage of the first Step of the preparation for a "49 days with Life Water"
program.Apart from that, we have weekly consultations about this program.
This program will help everyone to realize his/her place in Universe, in mother-Nature and
responsibility in it's Reigns.Due to the Confessional Request one can finish his/her Karma
in the angels', deuses', spirits', elementals' evolutions of his/her spiritchanel - that is
how it is possible to get help in recovery , clearing and harmonization of displayed bodies,
including phisical one.
A weekly realisation of this program will help to structurise thinking, get skills in body
and emotional control and start working with Heart, which is necessery on the second step
of preparation humanity to FIRE CHRISTENING .

Program's details
The program is based on active interaction with structurisated prayings to Water (as a Mother
of World) who controls all Natural Reigns and Elementals.
On the second stage of the program we additionally use an ingenuous adressing to Water after
the regulated thinking. All methodics in the program are based on both scientific and esoterical
knowledges, which we got by the Religare channels from the Earth Hierarhy Light's Masters.
Water! Ages pasted since true knowledges about Water (with a capital letter) were lost.Now
it is the time when these knowleges are being restored .To start with,science stopped describing
Water and it's properties only by a H2O formula.Russian scientist S.Zenin presented in his
researches [1,2,3] and experimentally proved that Water is a clasterial element with a various
number of molekuls-generally H2nOn, which make strange spatial structures.On the other hand, it
is possible in rather clean water.Dashes(especially active ones) entirely destroy a possibilty
to structurise water.Natural sources,chakra sources both are almost suitable for structurisation,
but some special conditions are required.
Water from water-pipes has a destructive effect for organs and tissues - as a result it leads
to weakness and loss of vital energy and different deseases.
Tv channels all over the world are demonstrating scientific films about different kinds of water
structures with really wonderful properties(cleaning of swamps and distruction of mineral oils,
cureing differnt deseases).Even this information is not enough because we don't realise all
natural aspects.Water takes part not only in vital functions but in all Reigns on the planet,
what is more, it has a leading role in all processes.Water can accept and record information in
it's structure and send it through all vital.
It is well discribed in the work of japan scientist Emoto Masaru[4,5,6].Apart from that, Water
as any vital being,can't contact with everyone, because we need love,kindness and gratitude for
that.Water gets no vibrations of these energies for centuries.That's the reality of our days-
human beings have forgotten about their duties connected with angels', deuses', spirits',
elementals' lifes.That is why Confessional Address to the Highest Levels of Water will help to
make a required contact for the realisation of our program.Hierarhy of Light Forces provides
a reciprocity of Elements,Reigns and vital sources for an effective help.We must remember:
first-"What You believe in - will happen" and second-you must posess thankfullness,love and
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2) Zenin S.V."Water as an informational matrix of biological processes",1997.
3) Zenin S.V."Discovery of new levels in material systems",(«The Evolution of Space and
evolution of mind of humanity(the aspects of synthesis) Conference).
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